Class Notebook
MSE 2094: Analytic Methods in Materials Engineering

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Homework: assignments

MSE2094 Class projects related to MSE2034:

Each year the MSE2094 class will create an html document on one of the topics listed above as a team class project that will benefit next years' MSE2034 class. Professors who teach MSE2034 are requested to participate. Contact Ron Kriz if you wish to participate.

Projects completed or for future development:

  1. Diffusion, Spring 1995, Class of 1997, Prof Ron Kriz.
  2. Phase Diagram Basics, Spring 1996, Class of 1998, Profs R.D. Kriz and G.Q. Lu.
  3. Fracture, Spring 1997, Class of 1999, Prof R.D. Kriz

Materials Science & Engineering 2094, Spring 1998

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Ronald D. Kriz, Virginia Tech, College of Engineering