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Computational methods using the IBM PC, MacIntosh, and UNIX workstations, network software such as telnet, ftp and www-html for access and distriubutions of information, commercial software packages such as Fortran90 (Fortran), C, Excel (spreadsheets), PV-Wave/IMSL (numerical and visual data analysis), AVS (visual data analysis), Spyglass (visual data analysis) and other programs to solve a variety of materials engineering problems selected from all areas of materials engineering: 1. diffusion, 2. molecular dynamics, and 3. predicting fracture. Emphasis is on (i) selection of correct software appropriate to the problem, and (ii) preparation and presentation of results in professionally and technically acceptable tabular and graphical formats. Pre: EF 1005, 2034; Co: 2074, 2084. (2H,2C).

Instructor: Dr. Ronald D. Kriz has provided a additional information for his T-Th class.

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Materials Science & Engineering 2094
Spring 1998

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Ronald D. Kriz
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