ESM 5344
Wave Propagation in Solids

Spring 2009, CRN# 12960
Time 2:00 - 3:15 pm, T-Th
Location: Randolph 200

Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

INSTRUCTOR:Ronald D. Kriz, 300C Norris Hall, 231-4386
Office Hours
T-Th, 3:30-5:00 pm, Norris Hall, Room 300C, 231-4386
Other times by appointment only; email,, the day before.
I am away from my desk most of the time so email is the best way to contact me.
See instructor for special arrangements for regularly scheduled meetings.
Text Class notes and handouts
Prerequisite ESM 5014: Continuum Mechanics
Letter Grades A:100-93; A-:92-90
B+:89-87; B:86-83; B-:82-80
C+:79-77 C:76-73 C-:72-70
D+:69-67 D:66-63 D-:62-60

Through out this semester students are encouraged to contact Dr. R.D. Kriz via email at

Homework: Tuesday-Thursday Assignments

Interactive Web based simulations of wave propagation topics disccused in class:
(NOTE: Simulations require a Java enabled Web browser with VRML1-2 plugins)

Topics discussed in class with information provide in html format:

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Engineering Science and Mechanics: ESM5344
Spring 2009

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Virginia Tech
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