Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

ESM 4714 Fall 2000

Christopher W. Thornton


"Visualizing the Discrepancy between Physical and Virtual Measurement of the Six Degrees of Freedom in the CAVE"






The following are the objectives of this website:

- Describe the measurement procedure for the Intersense IS-900 in the CAVE

- Construct 3D Studio Max models of CAVE measurement points

- Provide examples of glyphs created from tracker data


My project for ESM4714 concerns tracker data accuracy and a method to measure it. On the pages to follow I have included the following:

- project background

- instructions for building your own tracker measuring device

- a procedure for using the device

- a model of the measuring positions (x,y,z,h,p,r)

- a model of my initial hypothesis for the virtual positions (x,y,z,h,p,r)

- images and animations of tracker data glyphs

- all due credits for completion of this project


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