Publications Submitted through 1995

Ronald D. Kriz
Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

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1. L. Jorgenson, R.D. Kriz, B. Mones-Hattal, B. Rogowitz and D.F. Fracchia, "Is Visualization Struggling Under the Myth of Objectivity?", Proceedings of IEEE Visualization' 95 Conference, IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 412-415, 1995.

2. R. D. Kriz, E. H. Glaessgen, and J. D. Macrae, "Eigenvalue-Eigenvector Glyphs: Visualizing Zeroth, Second, Fourth and Higher Order Tensors in a Continuum", Proceedings of the NCSA-NIST Workshop on Modeling the Development of Residual Stresses During Thermoset Composites Curing, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, September 15-16, 1995.

3. R.D. Kriz, E.H. Glaessgen, J.D. MacRae, "Visualizing Gradients in Composite Design and Fabrication", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 10-13, 1995.

N.R.S. Vure and R.D. Kriz, "Effect of Cooling Rate and Stacking Sequence on the Fatigue Behavior of Notched Quasi-Isotropic AS4/PEEK Laminates", J. Comp. Tech. and Res., accepted, 1995

4. Raman P.V. Rao, "Parallel Algorithms for Computed Tomography, " Masters Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, January, 1995.

5. "Stoichiometry Effects on Core Structure and Mobility in B2 NiAl", J.K. Ternes, D. Farkas, and R.D. Kriz, Phil. Mag. A, accepted and galley returned, October, 1995.

6. A. Kuppuswamy and R.D. Kriz, "Development of an Interactive Multimedia Module That Creates a Visual Model of Beam Theory", Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 95 World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Graz, Austria, June 17-21, Published by Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, pp. 384-389, 1995.

7. Oshima, T., Kriz, R.D., and Nomachi, S.G., " Visual Simulation of Stress Wave Propagation in Fiber Sensor with Interphase Layer in Composite Laminate", Proceedings of the 36th Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, New Orleans, April 10-13, 1995.

8. "Influence of Fiber Coating and Interphase on the Design of Polymeric Composite Strength - Analytical Predictions", V. Giurgiutiu, K.L. Reifsnider, R.D. Kriz, B.K. Ahn, and J.J. Lesko, Proceedings of the 36th Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, Paper#95-1212, New Orleans, April 10-13, 1995.

9. Oshima, T., Mikami, S., Aochi, T. , Takeda, N. and Kriz, R.D., " Dynamic Behavior of Interphase Layer in Stress Wave Propagation Through a Fiber Sensor System", Proceedings 7th Japan-U.S. Conference on Composite Materials, Kyoto, Japan, Eds. I. Kimpara, H. Miyairi and N. Takeda, Published by Japan Society for Composite Materials, pp. 223 - 230, 1995.

10. Oshima, T., Mikami, S. and Rahman, M.S., Yasuda, M. and Kriz, R.D., " Accuracy Improvement of Ultrasonic Inspection for Civil Structures and Materials", Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE, Vol. 14, Eds. D.O. Thompson and D.E. Chimenti, Plenum Press, pp. 2193-2200, 1995.

11. "Evolution of Mechanical Damage in Woven Laminates at Low Temperatures: Theorey and Experiment", R.D. Kriz and W.J. Muster, submitted to Journal of Material Science, November 1995.

12. "Stress Wave Displacement Polarizations and Attenuation in Unidirectional Composites: Theory and Experiment", R.D. Kriz, B. Vandenbossche, and T. Oshima, Journal of Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, accepted, August 1995.

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Ronald D. Kriz
Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

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