Visualization and Animation Laboratory of Engineering (VALE)
Hancock 202-A

The College of Engineering has recently formed a new visualization laboratory - - Visualization and Animation Laboratory of Engineering (VALE). VALE supports the existing visualization activities through-out the various Departments in College of Engineering by providing access and training in the use of virtual environments. Specifically, VALE provides access to an I-Desk. The I-Desk and CAVE are compatible systems, hence I-Desk will provide an intermediate facility to the CAVE where faculty and students can begin programing in their labs and desk-top workstations using the CAVE simulator, move their models onto the VALE I-Desk for a partial immersion experience ,and when appropriate into the CAVE for total immersion.

Recently the I-Desk has been upgraded with new hardware and software. When the upgrades are complete I will post more information on this page to facilitate access.

Ronald D. Kriz
Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

Revised January 11, 1998