DIG Stats Java 3D Slicer

DIG Stats Java 3D Slicer is an applet for viewing 2-dimensional slices out of 3-dimensional data sets. It will display data from any standard HDF file, or the (slice) files generated by the Builder for DIG Stats Java 3D Slicer. Simply pick a file from the listed choices or select "Open URL..." to enter the location of your own HDF file (note that security restrictions placed on Java applets prevent you from being able to view files on your own hard-drive, or from servers other than where the applet was started; to use the viewer on these files, see the downloading instructions for information on how to obtain and run a local copy of the application).

For more information, please see the instructions for using the viewer

Please wait while the applet loads. It is approximately 109K, so this may take a minute or two, depending upon your connection speed.

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