ESM 5014
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Fall 2007, CRN# 92739
Time 11:15 - 12:05 am, M W F
Holden Hall, Room# 303

Virginia Tech
College of Engineering

INSTRUCTOR:Ronald D. Kriz, 3030 Torgersen Hall, 231-2062
Office Hours
T & Th, 3 - 5 pm, Torgersen Hall, Room# 3030
Other times by appointment only;
call 231-2062 or email,, the day before.
See instructor for special arrangements.
Text Continuum Mechanics, D. Frederick and T.S. Chang
Prerequisite ESM 2034, 3014, Math 2214
Letter Grades A:100-93; A-:92-90
B+:89-87; B:86-83; B-:82-80
C+:79-77 C:76-73 C-:72-70
D+:69-67 D:66-63 D-:62-60

Through out this semester students are encouraged to contact Dr. R.D. Kriz via email at

Text Book: Errata for Continuum Mechanics by Frederick and Chang
    NOTE: Authorized copy of this text book is for sale at the Virginia Tech Bookstore (Volume-1) on campus
Homework: Assignments
    NOTE: Students not familiar with tensor notation are encouraged
    to review problems provided in Schuam's Outline: "Theory and
    Problems of Continuum Mechanics", G.E. Mase, Schaum's Outline
    Series (360 solved problems), McGraw-Hill Book, Company (1970)

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Engineering Science and Mechanics: ESM5014
Fall 2007

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