Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia
Class Project Guidelines & Requirements


1. Homework:         20% Five SciViz & Five MM assignments
2. Project:          40% Project: SciViz, MM-Authoring or Web (Assign#7)
3. Web Summary:      20% Minimum 3 page web summary of class project
                     NOTE: If SciViz project then 10-15pg report expected.
4. Final Exam:       20% Presentation (40 min.) of project

Note: Items 1-4 will be graded 50% R.D. Kriz and 50% Jason Lockhart.

Project Contract (one page):

State your project objectives. Outline your project and explain what programs, if any, you will use or develope, what is the source of your images, what is the physical significance of your visualization project (educational only or visual discovery), give the current status on any programs that will generate data that you plan to use of your images, do you need supercomputer time, what visual tools and methodology will you use, any other relevant information that will assist us in evaluating your project.

Project Option: You can form a team of three people. In this case the class project will be graded as a team effort and each team member will recieve the same grade. The team must choose a team member for the presentation. Although the project will be graded as a single team effort (40% Project / 20% Presentation), the contract will outline the level of responsibility of each team member.

Grading Criteria: 2. and 3. combined 60%

Note: Your contract CAN BE MODIFIED because of unpredictable circumstances, such as hardware or software bugs, illness, etc. Please contact either R.D. Kriz or Jason Lockhart AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can work with you to modify your contract objectives that will be used in Grading Criteria.

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Revised January 5, 1999