Project Contract

Principal Investigator:

Marissa Gagne
Home: (540) 200-1568
Work: (540) 231-4421

Title:    Visualization of Terrain Models and Aerial Photographs in GeoView and the CAVE.


I am working on a project with the town of Wytheville and VDOT involving the I-81/I-77 Interchange in the area. There is a stretch of highway approximately nine miles in length where Interstate 81 and Interstate 77 share the roadway. VDOT has proposed the separation of these two interstates to improve the safety and consistency of the traffic flow through the area. My task on this project is to create 3-D visualizations of the existing area and the multiple proposed solutions to show to the public. These visualizations need to be as realistic as possible and need to be intuitive for public use.

This class project will be an opportunity for me to explore tools of the CAVE and GeoView for possible use on the Wytheville visualizations. Also, because there is no user's guide for GeoView, this project will produce a useful tool for other's who would like to use GeoView for their projects.

Progress (As of 9/27/2000):

We have obtained aerial photographs of the area, CAD drawings of the proposed solutions and existing terrain models from VDOT. I am in the process of working with various file formats to find efficient and effective ways to visualize the data.


The main objectives for this project will be as follows:

   1. Perform necessary programming and file conversions to bring a terrain model and an aerial photograph into GeoView.

   2. Overlay the aerial photo onto the terrain model to create a realistic CAVE environment.

   3. Create a short user's guide for GeoView .


The majority of the file conversions will be done using ERDAS Imagine, ArcView GIS, and Microstation and/or AutoCAD. I will be using the GeoView to do the visualizations and for screen captures in the user's guide if needed.