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Principal investigator:

Priya Malhotra (540-552-2662)



Process of creating a CAVE walkthrough of an architectural model




Virtual Reality Simulation is currently being considered as a potential tool for the design and evaluation of buildings and environments before they are created, or perhaps recreated in a different context. Computer based visualization not only offers architects/designers an enhanced capability for gaining insight but also is an effective means for design communication and presentation. It provides an opportunity to verify hunches, analyze possibilities and gives unlimited scope for further experimentation.

Virtual environments also enable the user to walkthrough and interact with various design components, perform tasks such as travel, motion control of viewpoint, selection and manipulation.

The focus of this study will be to learn how to create a walkthrough and view it in a 3D immersive environment- CAVE, and accordingly how to transform/transfer an Autodesk 3D Studio file into the CAVE. As a student in Advanced Computer Applications in Design this would serve as an introduction to the tools available which can be used in the development of further work. I hope to come up with some guidelines for other architecture students for the use of CAVE and related VR technologies for their design work.




The main objective of this class project will be to learn the building blocks for a 3D modeling environment and understand how to transfer models from a non-immersive environment (desktop) to an immersive environment (Immersa desk/CAVE)

The methodology involved would be:

  1. Model development for use in Virtual Environments
    1. Design process
    2. Transfer of Autodesk 3D Studio files to CAVE using effective techniques of


2.   Lay down guidelines for effective conversion of 3D Studio files into CAVE format demonstrated through examples.

  1. Summarize the project with a Multimedia/ Web and CAVE Presentation to show the results and allow audience interaction.




Autocad, 3D Studio, Lightscape, Desktop Workstation, CAVE, Immersa Desk

( However, I will experiment with other software packages as needed)