ESM 4714

Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia

Fall 2000

Project Contract

Principal Investigator :

Sanjay Alamsetti, Phone :951-8963

Title :

"Adding behaviours to VRML models ported to immersive environments-An approach"

Background :

There were many recent advances in bringing Virtual Reality technology to the Architects; one of them being the porting of 3D models from conventional CAD modeling systems like 3D STUDIO MAX to the more immersive environments like the CAVE and the IMMERSA-DESK. The models were either converted directly from traditional DXF format to CAVE format or converted to VRML file format to enable the Models to be seen in Collaborative environments over distributed networks to allow remote participation. Given the technology barriers, VRML models are the best to allow collaboration in a distributed environment, however recent advances in VRML 2.0 added more interactive ability to VRML models in the form of behaviors of objects inside the VRML Model. My aim is to extend this new development to the immersive environments like the CAVE and I-DESK.

Objectives :
The main objectives of the class project will be :
  1. Extend the interactivity and the Object oriented behaviors of VRML to CAVE and I-DESK.
  2. Investigate the development by building a 3D Model in VRML with enhanced behaviors associated to it and then porting it to CAVE format.
  3. Explore further possibilities for more behavior oriented interactivity in Virtual environments.
Tools :

I want to use 3DSTUDIO VIZ for developing models, simple text editor like notepad to edit VRML files, VRML browser WORLDVIEW to test models, VRML to IV converter, CAVE Collaborative Console, CAVE simulator.