Process of creating a CAVE Walk through of an Architectural Model

My Class project for ESM4714 Scientific Visualization and Multimedia, looks into the process of visualizing an architectural model in a 3D immersive environment- CAVE.

I take off from where Dennis Cafiero had left last year. His class project " A Systematic Approach to evaluate Three Dimensional File Compatability and Conversion Tools in Virtual Environments" initiated the conversion process of bringing 3D Studio models into the CAVE. The scope of his project was limited to examining Model Development techniques for VE's, Texture Conversion and Light attributes. I wish to go a step ahead and explore the many more attributes that are there to 3D Studio viz and examine their translation into the CAVE.

The main idea behind my project is to investigate the building blocks for a 3D modeling environment and understand how to transfer models from a non-immersive environment (desktop) to an immersive environment (immersa desk/CAVE). In the process laying down guidelines for the next architectural student and other CAVE users for the use of CAVE and related VR technologies for their design work.

There is so much more that I would have liked to have accomplished, but time only permitted me to finish that much. I wanted to use the true 3D features that the CAVE has to offer to create and visualize a walkthru of an architectural model. Hopefully soon I'll be able to complete what I started.